We Voted, We Won…Now What?

Colyn Wanjiru Wani's World Blog


So, we have had a week of celebration for putting some color and common sense back in the White House. Great, now time to get back to the struggle for change.  Racism is alive and still thriving, as evidenced by the heinous, pure evil that was done to Quawan Charles in Louisiana last week. A present- day Emmett Till.


Perhaps now that the election season is over, people will stop cloaking the core issue in politics? Just because Trump is out of office doesn’t mean that racism will disappear.  White Nationalists had their Million Moron March on Washington this weekend to declare their right to be racist, on Black Lives Matter Plaza.  Basically, America was built upon the whole concept of Manifest Destiny, which in a nutshell is racism.  Manifest Destiny is an imperialist doctrine that professes White Americans were chosen by God to bring democracy and capitalism to a world of savages.  Racism has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican.  Racism is all about trying to justify a deep insecurity that needs to be fed by feeling superior over people that do not look like you.  This justification has also caused Christianity to be co-opted in the progression of racism, hence the commonplace image of white Jesus.  It’s crazy, because I know I read Galatians 3:28 where Jesus specifically said there is no difference between races or social classes, we are all one in our belief in Christ’s teachings.  Maybe colonizers have a different version of the Bible that they love to quote?

So, what viable solutions can we employ to change the toxic racist culture in this country?  I believe that education, accountability and an overhaul of value standards are the keys to eventually eroding systemic racism.  First, let’s stop teaching revisionist and sanitized versions of U.S. history in schools.  The 1619 Project is an excellent curriculum to start with, as it explicitly details how racism and slavery was built into the fabric of this country.  Second, we need to broaden the standards of excellence to include contributions from other cultures, “officially”.  I say officially” because unofficially, urban culture and language have permeated every facet of life in America. I am so tired of hearing about only European art or music being referred to as “classic”, yet hip-hop artists and graffiti murals are globally recognized.

Finally, what this whole Black Lives Matter revolution is about, Justice and Police Accountability! There needs to be a complete overhaul of policing in this country.  If defunding the police means reallocating funds for social programs that would keep people from even interacting with police, I’m all for it.  There also needs to be better psychological evaluations to keep sadistic racist people out of police jobs.  They are not protecting or serving.

One last thing, all you “allies”, keep that same energy you have for LGBTQ issues for Black lives.  No more silence from supposed allies.  That little Black square or that poignant statement on your website means nothing without actions behind them.  Also, no more sitting out local elections because that is the only way to get the old racist regime out, in both parties.

I believe we were put on this earth to learn lessons and develop our souls for an eternal journey.  Hatred and racism are distractions from the Enemy to keep us from self-reflection and spiritual growth.  Focus on hate and division have spiritual consequences that reverberate across the universe; karma like Malcolm X said, “chickens coming home to roost”.

Now, let’s get back to this grassroots activism and never forget the names of the people who senselessly lost their lives simply because of the color of their skin.

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