Welcome to Zima 360º Wellness, where we are passionate about serving the wellness community by feeding your body, stimulating your mind and healing your soul.  My name is Colyn Wanjiru and I founded this company based upon the principle that delicious food and herbal medicine should be synonymous.  I am a foodie and herbal enthusiast who has been on the journey to wellness after being challenged with a few chronic illnesses. Science has already proven there is a direct correlation between a healthy well-balanced diet and achieving optimum health.  Many of us know what we need to do to have a healthier body but sometimes the challenges of life keep us from actually doing what we know. Often, we forget about the emotional component of our health and for many of us, including myself, food is comfort and love.  Unfortunately, most comfort food is not healthy and healthy food is not known as being delicious. At Zima 360º Wellness we believe that a healthy lifestyle is not sustainable if the food is not flavorful. 


“Zima” is a Swahili word meaning “whole, healthy and without defect”, which is what our company focuses on: healing the whole person. Zima 360º Wellness specializes in CBD infused, organically sourced Caribbean style meals, drinks and seasoning blends. We also offer culinary caregiver services for medical marijuana patients and protein recovery meal plans for athletes. Our recipes are designed to aid in reducing inflammation by including healing herbs and aromatics like moringa leaf, soursop, ginger and turmeric while never compromising on flavor.  


We also offer, small group tasting events, private catering services and healthy infused cooking demonstrations.  When you attend a Zima 360º Tasting Event, we want you to leave feeling like you just dined at your favorite Auntie’s house and go home with your belly full and your spirits lifted!


To encourage our wellness community along the journey, Zima 360º Wellness produces a blog, Wani’s World, where I discuss spiritual growth, the benefits of Hemp, CBD and other herbs, emotional healing and other wellness related topics. Finally, we also offer Reiki Healing services by appointment, to help balance and clear any blockages in the bodies’ energy system. 


Please join us on Facebook and Instagram as we build a community passionate about good food, herbal medicine and spiritual growth.  Sign up for our email list where we send out weekly menus, the latest blog posts and details about upcoming VIP tasting events, CBD Wellness Retreats and Culinary Caregiver Services. 


Looking forward to serving your wellness needs soon!